Our Services

PESC offers a one-stop solution for all your IT needs, from routine system maintenance, troubleshooting to disaster recovery, from installing cables, configuring routers, setting up a new work station to implementing the latest communication system.

You can wholly depend on us as your IT department or consulting us on an as-needed basis. We take the stress of managing vendors and contractors or companies to deliver the multi location support and services you expect.  PESC is the one point of contact you need and no more headache in repeating yourself. You can save time to focus on your business.


On-site and remote IT support

Strategic planning

Surveillance system installation and configuration

Network Infrastructure installation and configuration

Point of sales system installation and configuration

IT security


Power backup redundancy (Dual UPS)

Video conference system installation and configuration

Customized system integration and deployment

Backup and recovery

Cloud computing

Data redundancy (RAID 5 format)

PBX and VoIP system installation and configuration

Website design and development